Why 24Fssl Security Guards

Why 24Fssl Security Guards

Why Security Guards

Security guards are a necessary part of the country’s infrastructure. The Guards are responsible for the safety of the people and property within Bangladesh. They use their skills to deter crime and protect citizens from harm.

The Guards were first created in 1971 during the Bangladeshi independence movement. Since then, they have played an essential role in providing security for the people of Bangladesh. Today, they are a vital part of the country’s infrastructure and ensure that everyone within it is safe.

There are different types of Guards available in Bangladesh. Some guard schools, hospitals, and other public places, while others protect embassies and foreign dignitaries. Regardless of their role, Guards always play an essential role in keeping Bangladesh safe.

Bangladeshi security guards overview

Bangladeshi security guards are a necessary part of any society. They play an essential role in keeping the peace and protecting the citizens from harm. However, some security guard scandals have occurred in recent years.

One such scandal was the shooting death of a Bangladeshi security guard by a group of Muslim extremists in October 2017. This incident made headlines worldwide and caused outrage against Bangladeshi security guards. Another such case was the attack on a police station in November 2018, which killed two officers and injured three others. These incidents illustrate how important it is for Bangladeshi security guards to be well-trained and equipped with proper weaponry.

Qualifications and experience

Bangladesh security guards have a wide range of qualifications and experience. They come from various backgrounds, including police, army, and business. They have a responsibility to protect the people of Bangladesh and its infrastructure, as well as to maintain order in the country. Guards also have a moral obligation to do their best to prevent crime. As the principal of the Bangladesh Police Training Academy, I have been trained at several levels and levels of the police force. The academy is a national institution that recruits and trains police officers in Bangladesh.

Duties and responsibilities

There are many duties and responsibilities that Bangladeshi security guards face. The following list of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive; it is merely a summary to begin a discussion on the subject. The role of security guards in Bangladesh is to ensure that law and order are maintained within the country. They are also charged with preserving the safety of the citizens and visitors that come to Bangladesh. Security guards must be certified by the Bangladesh Police Training Academy and licensed by the Ministry of Home Affairs to carry firearms. Security guards are responsible for securing the premises that they guard. They have to check all entry and exit points and monitor all traffic going into and out of the building.

safety and training

Bangladesh security guards are a vital part of the country’s security system and play an essential role in preventing terrorist attacks. The Guards use various methods to protect the people and property within their jurisdiction. They must also take various safety precautions, including wearing masks, carrying firearms, and following strict procedures when responding to emergencies. The Guards are also trained to use deadly force if necessary.


Despite the country’s poor human resources and tight security regulations, many Bangladesh security guards are looking to retire to enjoy a long and healthy life. Some of these retirees have found that retirement is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, while others have found that it offers them an opportunity to make extra money. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which retirement plan is right for you. Here are eight tips for finding the perfect retirement plan for you:

1. research your options before choosing a retirement plan. Doing a little bit of homework before making your decision can be helpful. Ask around, read articles, and speak with people who have retired in the past. This will give you a better idea of what works best for them.

2. take into account your income and expenses. Take care of their families. Bangladesh security guards have an average life expectancy of 50 years, making them among the longest-serving members of their profession.

3. Bangladesh’s security guard industry employs more than 40,000 people and owns more than $500 million in assets. However, as the country’s economy continues to struggle, the number of people working in the industry is expected to decline. 

5. Bangladesh is a poor country with an extremely high crime rate and a large population. As a result, the nation has been struggling to maintain high levels of security.


In the wake of the Dhaka attacks, these security guards were called to help secure the city. Bangladesh has a large population and many places to hide, so these guards were needed to ensure public safety. They work in pairs or teams and are always on-site to monitor activities and ensure everyone is safe. The men were dressed in business suits and were armed with weapons that could be used to defend themselves. They are in their late 20s or early 30s. They work for many different companies. Some have worked for several years, while others have just started.

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